mercoledì 16 giugno 2021

 Heeled shoes are a pillar of fashion, essential in the most important occasions and events of our life, they tell who we are and always do it with class.

A woman should always keep a pair of shoes with heels in her shoe cabinet, because femininity, whether it is a cleavage for the office, simple sandals for a ceremony or more sporty ankle boots for everyday life, absolutely does not pass. unnoticed.

I have discovered a really great site where you can find a wide choice of shoes for everyone and for all tastes Milanoo.


Founded in 2008 by Albert Feng, is an online retail store specializing in the sale of men's and women's clothing, items for weddings and special events, cosplay costumes and a wide variety of other products. They offer their customers high quality products at a competitive price and meet the explicit needs of the customer.

As for footwear, they really offer a wide choice, ranging from simple pumps to any type of heeled sandals for all occasions!


Look how wonderful these sexy heels are


Stiletto heel shoes are certainly the most loved by women, and probably by men too. Undoubtedly they are the most seductive ones, the thin lines of the heel slender more and give an impression of something slender and make you look even thinner in an indirect way. The pointed toe pumps with stiletto heels are definitely a must have for all seasons. In the collective imagination the classic Louboutine stands out with its red sole that all women dream of. But obviously not only those, even the ankle boots with thin heels are much more elegant than those with a wide heel and what about sandals with heels and platforms. A real show.

and again these summer boots

These shoes are the undisputed protagonists of the summer, essential for any event, social evening, or ceremony, to obviously occupy a very important space also in everyday life.

Visit and a world will open up to you!

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